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Ideal for freelancers or employees wishing to control the time spent on different tasks or projects of each of his customers.

With Working Time Management you can easily respond to questions like, how long have i dedicated to the project ?, how long have I  spent to advise my client on the phone? How many hours have I dedicated my clients in the last month?

You will watch on screen, the time spent on your projects or you will be able to  generate a detailed excel file  with statistics that will help you have a clearer view of your work productivity.



  • Personal data / company
    • Set our personal data or our company data like: name, address, telf ...
    • If we want, we will also insert a logo image
  • Management customer data
    • Set our customer data: name, address, email, tel ..
  • Management tasks / projects 
    • Set the name of our common tasks or projects
  • Management  of our stored time registries, sorted by customer
    • Edit our time registries generated, we will be able to change whatever data
  • Management  of our stored time registries, sorted by date
    • Edit our time registries generated, we will be able to change whatever data
  • New time registry 
    • We will create a new time registry with the next data:
      • Star time - End time
      • Date work done 
      • Name customer
      • Project or task done
  • Create a time registry using our phonecalls set
    • When we are creating a new time registry, we can see on the secreen a button called "phonecalls" if we press that button we will see a list of our all phonecalls  (received and performed), so, we can press on whatever phonecall on the list that we want, and our time registry will be completed. The fields:
      • start time, end time, client, observations

, will be filled automatically

  • Sing srceen
    • Our time registry can be signed by our customer in the device. The app will send a report by email, to us and to our client.
  • Stadistics
    • The app will show to us a complete list and graphic with all information of our time spend with our clients.
  • Report excel file
    • We will be able to generate a complete excel file with all data about the time spend. We will see very quickly our productivity

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