Updates-Signed Jobs Management

  • version 3.54


      • 1.Possibility of introducing negative amounts on a delivery note, useful when it comes to making a return

        • cantidades negativas
      • 2.Fixed problem importing customers and performances in english and german
      • 3.Fixed compatibility problem with vibration notification of new mobile and android 4.1
  • version 3.53


    • 1.Open note jobs in pdf format from note jobs lists.
      • With a long press on a list note job item we will see a new menu with 3 options
        • -Copy note job
        • -Erase note job
        • -Open pdf note job
        • open pdf
        • 2.New tasks filter search. Now is easy to find or change a task when are making a note job 
  • version 3.52


    • Fix import clients csv file problems


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