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Good for maintenance companys (revision of fire extinguishers, lifts ..) that works at customer .

Once the technician´s job is done, we can generate a delivery note, that can be signed by our customer in our smartphone.

The delivery note with the works especifications an signed by the client, will be sent by email to our company email and also the client email.

Software to manage delivery notes.The application lets you configure the data of our company, create a list of our customers and manage our more usual tasks (maintenance, change power unit etc. ..).

Once the work we can generate a delivery note, you can sign our client on the mobile phone.
The signed delivery notes will be sent by mail to both, the customer and our company.

The delivery notes contain the date of action, start and end, the customer data to be targeted and up to 20 work done.

The application allows you to save delivery notes whether signed or not signed by the customer.

Forget the paper, with this application you can keep an eye on all work done and signed ready
order to bill.

Software Features

  • Manage information about our company
    • we can manage: name ,address, email, telephone...
    • we can save a logo image of our company, the logo will be shown in all of the delivery note generated by the app
    • wen can save an advertisement image of our company,it will be shown in all of the delivery note generated by the app
  • Manage client data
    • Save information like client name, address,email,telephone ...
  • Manage common tasks/works
    • We can save the tasks names and his prices, if our task had one.
  • Manage delivery notes
    • We can list or modify the delivery notes signed by our client.
    • We can list or modify the delivery notes not signed by our client.
  • Manage Date Base
    • Import an export clients and tasks, we need to create a basic csv file with the clients information, once we have this file called clientes.csv, it can be imported into the app, So we can save all ours clients in one step
    • Export our delivery notes to XML file format, so after we can import this file into a excel or acces file.
    • Save a back up of data base.
    • Restore Data base


We are android developers.We have worked for many companies developing android corporate apps.


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email: desarrollo@playapps.es

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