• new time registry

    If we press the button called  "New" we will start the creation of our time registry. We´ll see the next options 

    new registry

    • -Last button: it will fill the start time, with the end time of our previous stored record, that is, start counting working time from the last record saved..
    • -phonecalls button: We´ll see the list of all calls, by clicking on which we wish, the app automatically filled in the next fields, start time, end time, customer name and  observations
    • -Date button:date of the registry creation
    • -Start button:set time start working
    • -End button:end time working
    • -Clients button: Selection of our clients
    • -Task button: Select the task or project
    • -Observacions: if we want to write someting apart
    • -Sing button: The registry will be signed by our client, the app will send an email with the work specification in PDF format, to our email client and our email
    • -Save button: the registry will be saved


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